The Most Common Construction Sales Rep Titles

The titles you give your sales representatives are definitely a personal choice for your business. Maybe you spend a lot of time in determining your company brand which includes the titles you give to your staff. Or maybe, you have never given it a single thought.

Here is a list of common titles given to sales representatives sampled from the top 600 Contractor’s Cloud customers.

Sales Representative (80% of contractors use this)
Project Manager (7%)
Estimator (3%)
Salesman (1%)
Sales Consultant (1%)

Some honorable mentions are as follows:

Account Manager
Construction Consultant
Construction Manager
Damage Specialist

Now there is nothing wrong with using Sales Representative as a suitable title. One school of thought is there is a tremendous sense of pride being labeled a Sales Representative. Another school of thought is there is a stigma attached to the title. This stigma or the possible desire to bring a fresh approach to the industry have caused owners to become creative with their rep titles.

Here are some of the creative titles we’ve seen:

Roof Advisor
Field Agent
Client Care Specialist
Project Advisor
Project Associate
Project Director
Solution Consultant

Note: Within Contractor’s Cloud, our customers are able to create custom roles and titles for use throughout the program. This allows themĀ  portray whatever brand and style the wish.