Help me Rhonda! Introducing our new Knowledge Base

Not sure who Rhonda is and how she applies, but it certainly is a well-known catchy phrase.

Regardless, we are proud to introduce our new interactive base. We are replacing all of our downloadable PDF training manuals with the interactive help. The entire idea is to make it easier and faster to learn Contractor’s Cloud.

Using the new knowledge base in addition with spending time with your account representative for real-time online training, you are guaranteed to learn the ins-and-outs of Contractor’s Cloud at a fast pace.

The new knowledge base allows us to update certain sections at a moments notice to keep topics fresh. It also supplies references to related help topics, help tickets (frequently-asked-questions), and external links about theory.

Also, you will be able to search any topic or phrase within our global search which makes what you are looking for faster and easier to find.

Contractor’s Cloud Incident Reporting

“Hey, what’s going on with the Cloud?”

We are currently working on our new Contractor’s Cloud Status page. If there are any issues with Contractor’s Cloud, they will be documented at

Every program has issues. No doubt about it. Sometimes there are issues with our system and sometimes there are issues with a third party partner that is completely out of our control. But the most frustrating part about any issue  is not being informed. Therefore, we created the status page to keep our customers up-to-date with any current issues regardless if they are major or minor ones.

The status page is on a completely different server system so if the main hosting site goes down, we can still provide information on what the issue is, what is being down to resolve it, and possibly a timeframe on when it will be resolved.

Are you involved in your processes? Or, do you leave that up to your employees?

By Dwight R. Gunnarson, CEO ThinkUp Technologies

We have been blessed with some really great and engaged clients and many of those clients have been with Contractor’s Cloud for many years. However, every once-in-a-while we encounter a client that only hangs on for a month of two and then they split. From what we can gather, those clients have owner’s that are not necessarily involved with the day-to-day operations. Now, you are probably saying, “But that’s why I have employee’s”, right? Well, yes. But that only works if you have a good handle on your processes and organization.

Our best customers are those who have owners that take the time to setup the processes and procedures within Contractor’s Cloud for their employees to follow. The owner’s that fail are the ones that purchase a program such as ours and tell their employees, “Hey guys! I got you a shiny new piece of software to improve your efficiency and organization. Have fun and let me know how it works out.”

Yeah, this happens.

Remember, Contractor’s Cloud is not the secret to your success. No program is. The secret to your success is your vision and leadership. We are merely a tool to help achieve your goals.

Contractor’s Cloud Provides E-Signature Capability: Integration with Signeato

Contractor’s Cloud and Signeato Integrate

Today, we released our integration with Signeato. Signeato is a very simple and easy to use e-signature application. In under 5-minutes, you can email any document to a customer for a signature. Once signed by all parties, the final signed document will automatically upload to the Contractor’s Cloud file area and you will be notified via email of the completed document.

Click Here for Signeato Integration Announcement

Dynamically Generated Documents

Once integrated, you are able to e-sign any dynamically generated documents such as estimates, documents, and proposals.

Uploaded PDF Documents

You are also able to e-sign any PDF file uploaded to your files area. Therefore, you can essentially upload any PDF, whether is was dynamically generated by Contractor’s Cloud or not, and send it out for e-signatures.

How the Process Works

Wherever you see the Signeato Sign It! button within Contractor’s Cloud, you will be able to send that document out for e-signatures.

You simply press the Sign It! button, then Contractor’s Cloud sends the document to a Signeato Interface where you designate the signees.

Then you place your signature targets within the document, click Finish, then boom! The signees receive an email notifying them to review and sign.

Once all signatures have been captured, Signeato will automatically upload the document to the Contractor’s Cloud files area.

Signeato Benefits

Signeato offers a number of benefits such as being able to brand all signature interfaces to your company’s style. This includes uploading your company logo and picking your company colors. Many of our customers tell us this is important to them when trying to convey a consistent and professional look and fell for their company.

Signeato also allows you to sign any document on the spot. Rather than emailing out the document, you can simply upload the document and sign on the spot. This makes closing deals at the kitchen table very easy and quick.


Quick and Easy E-Signatures by Signeato

Signeato Blog Articles



Contractor’s Cloud Accounting Upgrade

New Accounting Platform Beta Test

Today, we released our beta test site for our existing customers to review and test our accounting platform which is coming shortly. We have committed to be becoming the most versatile and best accounting mechanism that plays very nicely with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. The new update will literally mimic QuickBooks in look, feel, and operation. Therefore, your AR and AP accounting in Contractor’s Cloud will be easy as pie.

New Interfaces

Since some people are accustomed to QuickBooks Desktop and some to QuickBooks Online, the new accounting interfaces take the best from each to mimic what you may be used to with QuickBooks.

Below are example screen shots of our new Invoice and Payment interfaces. The Credit Memo and Refund interfaces are not shown.


July 1, 2017 – We are continuing to clean up the accounting update. The update will be released in the Fall of 2017 when the season is winding down. This will be less of an impact on the users.

Contractor’s Cloud New Text Messaging Platform Makes Sending Data Easy

Contractor’s Cloud Text Messaging Made Easy

Today we upgraded our Text Messaging platform to allow for easier and more reliable texting photos, photo albums and work orders.

Texting Photos

There are many cases where a production manager needs to relay information to the crew, or anyone for that matter. A common example is when the crew has left and the Quality Control Supervisor visits the job site to find that there is a bent piece of facia or metal. The supervisor can simply document the issue with a photo and then text message the photo to the crew. Within seconds, the photo is documented in the job and the crew knows what the issue is, where the issue is, and can start planning how to resolve it.

Since a picture speaks 1000-words, we’ve made it easy to text a single photo to practically anyone whether they are a Contractor’s Cloud user or not.

Texting Photo Albums

We don’t just stop at a single photo. You are also able to Text a public link to an entire photo album.

Let’s say there is an issue that requires multiple photos to better describe it. If this is the case, simply create a photo album within Contractor’s Cloud and quickly text the link to whomever needs to know about it.

Texting Work Orders

It certainly seems that every roofing and siding subcontractor is super busy. Therefore, the quicker you can relay that data and easier you can make it for your subcontractor to read, the better for everybody. Within a Contractor’s Cloud work order, you now can text a public work order page to any of your crews. When they receive the text message, they simply click on a link that brings them to a responsive webpage that displays all of the work order information. Boom! Within seconds, your subcontractor has all they need to schedule and perform work for you.