Winter is coming ~ Heat up with Contractors Cloud’s Report Center

With winter approaching, revisiting this year’s success and taking ownership of what could be improved for next season is of the utmost importance. Does your current technology partner provide you with the data you need to be successful?

Mapping out a plan of attack for the following year starts with revisiting the data you collected this year. Specific data points you will want to hone in on are:

  • What projects are still in AR
  • Where in your workflow process do you spend the most amount of time
  • What is your P/L by trade, rep, or product
  • What lead sources makes you the most money/costs you the most money
  • And which reps are being the most successful

Being able to look at these numbers on a micro-level gives you the confidence to know you are making the best possible choice for your business when it comes to making adjustments. 

Contractors Cloud’s Report Center provides you with an all-access look into your business and the data that you can use to navigate another successful year. 

Spend this winter crunching the numbers. If your current business management tool/CRM provider doesn’t offer you this type of data, call Contractors Cloud TODAY!